Our Story

ELITE was founded in 1988 in Bangkok, Thailand. Our journey began as a provider for export and import services for major trade shows in the country.

This included acting as site agent. Over the years, we began transporting cultural treasures. As we worked with more clients like you, ELITE gradually emerged as a leading specialist in handling fine arts and exhibition items that require special attention and care.

Our Chairman

“ELITE has become Thailand’s premier specialist in handling fine arts, exhibitions, and other valuable shipments. Our dedicated management and specialist staff with years of work experience in our areas of expertise have an excellent track record in client service and problem solving that deliver results.

Our work spans continents. We have the capabilities needed to take care of transportation and everything related to it end-to-end, no matter the point of origin and final destination. As the founder and chairman, I am proud that ELITE and its individual team members have served our clients in extraordinary ways and know they will continue to do so in the future.”

William Reinsch, Chairman of ELITE

Our Team

Our Team

With over 30 years of experience, our team offers a spectrum of applicable knowledge and hands-on learning as transportation experts.

The collective abilities enable us to uniquely support your needs in our four areas of expertise. We believe they are the foundation for the specialized services we offer. On top of that, each member is personally committed to working with you and successfully moving shipments for you.